This week’s challenge is to list the opportunities that others have given you throughout your life.

I’ll hit some of the lightlights:

  • My parents gave me the opportunity to grow up on farm where I learned all about hardwork, responsibility, basic survival skills, how to use your imagination, to be resourceful, and to enjoy the lighthearted, fun moments.
  • The college dean who gave me the opportunity to take extra classes so I could finish my degree not only on time, but early.
  • My auntie who gave me the opportunity to freely express my thoughts and nurtured a girl’s tender little heart.
  • The accountant who hired me  after my second year of college in spite of the fact I had no idea what I was doing and spent the majority of the summer I worked there with my foot in a boot cast. I needed the job and he was a patient boss.
  • The company that allowed me to intern with them. I learned more in those four months than I’d ever imagined… not just about my chosen field of work, but about life, people, and myself.
  • My first full-time after college job where my boss took the time to help me grow as a writer and encouraged me to keep learning.
  • The job I had that gave me the opportunity to flex my creative muscles.
  • The job I had that allowed me to learn the fine art of hospitality.
  • Captain Cavedweller – who has given me the opportunity to know what it’s like to be loved completely, unconditionally, and unreservedly. He’s the one who said “take the leap” and made it possible for me to start writing full-time. He’s also the one who encouraged me to try writing my a romance novel in the first place. This guy – has given me opportunities to soar, to follow my heart, and make my dreams a reality.

I’m truly so, so grateful for all the many opportunities and blessings I’ve been given.

What’s one opportunity you’ve been given that makes you especially thankful?

  The RT Booklovers Convention is this week, May 15-20 in Reno at the Peppermill Resort. I can hardly wait for the fun to begin.
Today, you’ll find me at the Indie Soiree.
Indie Soiree Authors (1)
This is the first time for the Soiree, but I’m so looking forward to the event, especially since Kit Morgan will be there, too!  The participating authors will be wearing scarves and carrying bags full of goodies to pass out!
Z RT costume.jpg
The Garters and Gold Dust  historical mixer is Wednesday. This pile of stuff  pictured above I attempted to turn into a costume. The hat looks good. The shirtwaist is passable. The dress was a mess so I went back to the drawing board and hope what I came up with works! The first 300 in the door will get some awesome giveaways (including my special handmade gift!), and the chance to enter a drawing for four amazing bags full of goodies!
The awards ceremony is Friday evening with a reception immediately following.
Garden of Her Heart was chosen as the 2017 RT Review Source winner. I’m so incredibly thankful for this amazing honor (and nervous, definitely nervous about accepting the award!). Hope to see you there! I could use some friendly faces in the crowd.
Oh, and don’t miss the Giant Book Fair on Saturday. The Book Fair Only ticket is just $10 or FREE if you show a library card.
Here are links to booklets where you can check out or more details:
Agenda Booklet http://bit.ly/2rhdZVF
FAN-tastic Day Booklet http://bit.ly/2rdUNsS
Book Fair Author Seating Booklet http://bit.ly/2Krd3a5
To register, visit the RT  website: http://rtconvention.com/
If you are at the event, I hope you catch up to me and say hello!

happy people 1.jpg

This weeks challenge is to list the happiest people you know. I wrote out my list then looked at the similarities in these happy-hearted folks.

Here are the traits they share:

  • Optimistic
  • Hardworking
  • Love to Laugh
  • Laid-back
  • Forgiving
  • Caring
  • Honest
  • Don’t hold a grudge
  • Don’t judge
  • Playful
  • Engaging
  • Interested in Life
  • Grateful

What traits have you noticed in the happy people you know?

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z love yourself

This week’s challenge is to list the things about yourself that you do not need to change.

Here are a few things I would not change about myself:

Sense of humor














What about you? What are some things you like about yourself that you definitely would not change?


Girl  reading a book

I spent many, many hours during my childhood shadowing my dad’s every move on our farm or trying to squirm out of learning the “domestic skills” my mother deemed necessary for my future existence.

But I also spent hours on fantastic adventures I took through books. I’ve always, always loved to read. That love, coupled with my fertile imagination, has allowed me to traveled around the world and across time. I’ve soaked up the sun on Pacific islands, trudged through dark forests, smelled the spices of exotic lands, and ridden fire-breathing dragons all through wonderfully written stories.

And while I still love to take adventures through the books I read, I also love to write stories that take readers on a journey.  My active imagination is rarely quiet, always thinking of something new and exciting.

z imagination 5

Recently, I’ve been thinking about imaginations and how important they are.

z imagination 4

I think as we grow older, we tend to imagine and dream less because we have so much reality to handle every day. That’s why I think it’s so important to keep on dreaming, keep on imagining, keep on laughing!

z imagination 2

The world truly is a canvas for our imaginations. We can paint any color, shape, pattern or design we like. All we have to do is pick up the brush (imagination) and get started.

z imagination 3

Imaginations can take us anywhere we want to go. Anywhere.

With virtual reality becoming a tangible thing, I hope we never lose the ability to stare up at the stars and get lost in our imaginations.


May you always find at least a few stolen moments to let your imagination run wild.