Today, I thought you might like to see my inspiration for the characters in Summer Bride.

First, we have Justin James. I knew I wanted to have dark hair, a little messy and longer, and kind eyes.

When I saw this photo of David Giuntoli it was like there was a neon sign hanging over it saying “This is the one! This is Justin!”


This is exactly how I picture our hunky, handsome, ever-helpful hero.

dave giuntoli 1

Seriously, isn’t he a cutie? Can’t you just picture him in the crazy T-shirt Matilda gives him?

Sage Presley we met briefly in Valentine Bride (book 1 in the Holiday Brides series). But we didn’t know much about her.

I envisioned her as blond, with a sweetness about her that belied her inner strength. I pictured her as very feminine and lovely although she’s tough and capable of handling whatever challenges life throws her way.

skyler 4

I thought Skyler Samuels made the best Sage. She’s lovely and has that delicate look to her.

skyler-samuels 1

But a fun, playful side, too! I just loved the inspiration she provided for Sage.

Then I needed a little inspiration for Sage’s brother, Shane.

Colby Canterbury

Colby Canterbury was my choice for Shane Presley. From the hair and green eyes, to that soulful look on his face, he was just perfect for Shane.

The song I listed to while I wrote this book kept me smiling as I pictured Justin asking his friends this question:

Such a fun song from Joe Nichols.

Oh, and I have to share the ringtone Sage uses for Justin on her cell.

If you haven’t read it yet, get your copy of Summer Bride today!

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Summer Bride

releases today!

Summer Bride meme 1

Two scheming matchmakers are at it again…

Sage Presley loves her job as the receptionist at Golden Skies Retirement Village in Holiday, Oregon. She enjoys the residents and their wisdom, even if some of them are more than a little quirky. Determined to ignore the matchmaking efforts of two women at the retirement home, Sage’s sole focus is on raising her brother, Shane. In spite of her best efforts, she can’t help but notice the hunky electrician who continually comes to her rescue.

Grateful for the opportunity to open his own electrical business, Justin James moves to Holiday full of plans and dreams. He’s quickly drawn in by the close-knit community, but finds the lack of suitable single women disturbing. Despite himself, his attention is captured by the receptionist at the retirement home where he’s working on a big job. Yet, he can’t begin to understand why two matchmaking octogenarians are intent on forcing him together with the woman he’s convinced is married.

A sweet romance sprinkled with humor, hope, and the meaning of real love, Summer Bride will warm the hearts of readers while bringing them a smile.





Summer Bride meme 5

Justin’s grin faded and he gave her a curious look before he glanced down the table at Shane. His gaze shifted back to her. “Isn’t Shane your son?”

Sage choked on the sip of lemonade she’d just swallowed. Matilda whacked her on the back as she coughed into a napkin. When she ceased coughing and could speak again, she shook her head. “Shane is my brother.”

Eyes wide in shock, Justin gaped at her. “Your brother? So you aren’t… you don’t have… Are you married?”

Had Sage taken another drink, she was sure she would have spewed it all over Justin. It was a good thing she’d merely sat glaring at him in disbelief. What on earth had given him the idea she was married and Shane was her son? How old did he think she was, anyway?

“She isn’t married,” Matilda said when Sage remained silent. “She doesn’t even have a boyfriend right now, do you, darling?” The old woman appeared to size up Justin before she leaned toward him. “Are you interested?”

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Today LAURA Award-Winning Author Carmen Peone joins us with her latest release, Girl Warrior.

Imagine Native American men on horseback charging down a nearly vertical, boulder-strewn crevasse in the face of a bluff. From there the riders race across a dry channel of the Sanpoil River and charge into the rodeo arena.

In the old days, Natives in the Keller, WA, area on the Colville Reservation gathered at the junction of the Sanpoil and Columbia river in late May during the salmon runs to harvest and dry a winter’s supply of fish. Games and horse racing were always present.

Excitement rolled in with the salmon and soon betting began.

Piles of loot swelled so quickly it was a wonder how accounts could be kept. Blankets, furs, saddles, knives, traps, tobacco, beads, whips, flour, and a hundred other items were staked. It was said that arranged marriages on occasion came from this traditional mountain race.

The race was eventually moved to the Omak Stampede in 1935, an idea inspired by local businessman Claire Pentz in an effort to promote rodeo and was named––The World Famous Suicide Race.

It’s a male dominated race, a rite of passage that few woman enter. All jockeys have to do is pass the hill, swim, and vet test. Albeit women have to stride one step further––endure not-so-charming rants many male racers sling their way.

It takes grit and determination for a woman to speed down 225 feet of a 62-degree slope, plunge into and swim cross the Okanogan River, and charge 500 feet before crossing the finish line inside the Omak Stampede arena.

Charnaye Toulou did just that in Girl Warrior.

Don’t miss out on this wild ride. Get your copy today!


Does one teenager fresh out of high school have a chance at winning the race?

The instant the idea of entering the race stops swirling in her mind and settles in her heart, life changes for Charnaye Toulou. She has her sights pinned on winning the World Famous Suicide horse race during the Omak Stampede. The purse will help ease a financial burden of her paraplegic father, worn out mother, and ill grandfather. But more than that, she wants the respect earned from becoming “King of the Hill.” This race has been a long time rite of passage for male Natives. Charnaye is up for the challenge to prove females too can be awarded a warrior status as times are changing.

But when bully Hagan Hurst chokes her and causes her self-esteem to plummet, she hooks up with her Okanogan relatives and a horse that can take her the distance. Anonymous threatening letters find her and they all point to Hagan. Her father and mother become overly protective, but she meets a woman who has ran the race, jumpstarting her confidence. The day after Charnaye graduates from high school, she jumps in with cousin and trainer Craig Stuart and heads for her relative’s Omak ranch. And so do the letters.

Charnaye begins the rigorous training it takes to become “King of the Hill”, or in her case, “Queen”, and tries to figure out who is behind the threating letters. She combats fear and anxiety, fighting to fulfill this rite of passage.

Where to find Girl Warrior:


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He buckles the cinch to the new latigo strip and perches himself on a hay bale. He pats the space beside him. I know he’s about to tell me what’s good for me. It may not be what I want to hear, but it’s always the truth. “Your Stimteema rode him down the Keller hill when she was your age.” He points to his tall, bony quarter horse gelding. A blue roan with a ratty tail. Most of his teeth are mere stubs and we have to feed him beet pulp just to keep him alive.

I walk over to Old Blue and watch him eat. “Why didn’t you tell me this before?”

“She didn’t want us to. It was before we were married, one month prior anyhow,” he said with a hitch in his voice. He wrings his hands.

“Why? What’s the big deal?”

“Because she knew you had that same streak of spitfire in you that lived in her.” He pops a stem of hay in his mouth. “She saw it in you as a baby.”

I try and imagine her plunging down the old Keller hill. “Was she sober?”


carmen peone head shot

Carmen Peone is a LAURA Award-Winning author who lives on the Colville Confederated Indian Reservation with her tribal-member husband, Joe. She had worked with the late tribal elder, Marguerite Ensminger, for three years learning the Arrow Lakes-Sinyekst- Language and various cultural traditions and legends. She enjoys her horses and competing in Mountain Trail Competitions. With a degree in psychology, the thought of writing never entered her mind, until she married her husband and they moved to the reservation after college.


Carmen loves to hear from readers. Follow her online at:

CarmenPeone / FaceBook / Twitter / Goodreads / Amazon / Instagram / Pinterest / BookBub


L&L teaser 1.jpg

Today, I thought it might be fun to share my visual inspiration for the two main characters in Lightning and Lawmen.

Deputy Dugan Durfey we met briefly in Corsets and Cuffs. We didn’t know a lot about him, other than he likes to joke and tease and he’s a valuable member of the sheriff’s office.

I did the cover for this book long before I wrote it, so I was looking for inspiration that matched the featured characters.

chris evans

Chris Evans offered the perfect inspiration for Dugan’s character. Can’t you just picture him with a cowboy hat and a brass star pinned to his jacket?

Dugan 4

I could just picture Dugan giving a bad guy this look… or Seth when he’d been squiring Delilah around town.


And I could totally see Dugan with a smile like this when he was teasing Delilah or amused by something the sheriff said.

Delilah had to be a great balance to Dugan. From the cover, I knew she needed to have dark brown hair, but that was about it.

Delilah 2

Then I happened across an image of Odette Annable. She is very beautiful and spot-on for Delilah’s character.

Delilah 3

I could easily picture her giving Dugan (or Ollie) this smile.

Delilah 1

She truly is just lovely and I couldn’t envision any better inspiration for Delilah’s character.

Raccoon  On Grassy Bank

And I can’t forget the real star of the show – Oliver the raccoon.

While I wrote this story, I listened to the song If It Ain’t With You by Farewell Angelina. Captain Cavedweller and I had gone on a date night to our local theater. The opportunities to attend a musical performance are few and far between, so I bought tickets although I’d never heard of the group performing. It just so happened to be Farewell Angelina. The all-female country group is named after a Bob Dylan song, featuring four amazing vocalists who also play instruments and write songs.

If you haven’t yet read Lightning and Lawmen, I hope you’ll check it out.

Thimbles Sale 1

Stubborn, mule-headed, independent woman!

She’d take that as a compliment…

Maggie Dalton has no need for a man in her life. Widowed more than ten years, she’s built a successful business and managed quite well on her own in the bustling town of Baker City, Oregon. Aggravated by her inability to block thoughts of the handsome lumber mill owner from her mind, she renews her determination to resist his attempts at friendship.

Full of Scottish charm and mischief, Ian MacGregor could claim any available woman in Baker City as his own, except the enchanting dress shop owner who continues to ignore him. Not one to give up on what he wants, Ian vows to win Maggie’s heart or leave the town he’s come to love.





In the bright spring morning light, Maggie took note of the sunlight glinting off his hatless blond head. He wore his hair longer than she deemed proper and more often than not, it appeared tousled and wild, rather like the man himself.

Broad shoulders looked like they could carry the weight of the world. Forearms corded with muscles drew her attention as he stopped the wagon beside her.

Brilliant blue eyes twinkled with humor as he leaned forward and rested an arm on his upraised knee. “Weel, lass, what on earth are ye doing traipsin’ around on foot out here in the middle of nowhere on such a bonny day?”

The man’s Scottish brogue unsettled her, in particular when the letter “R” rolled off his tongue with a delightful burr. The hair on the back of her neck stood at attention, as if eagerly awaiting the sound of his voice, while her knees wobbled. His effect on her only infuriated her further.

“Not that it is any of your concern, Mr. MacGregor, but I’m on my way to the Jordan Ranch.” Determined to ignore the way the corners of his sculpted mouth lifted into a smile, she narrowed her gaze and offered him a cool glare.

She wondered what his face would look like without the abominable growth of scruff he sported. The fuzz on his face was just long enough to give him a rakish appearance and set all the twitterpated girls in town into a frenzy of whispers whenever he passed by.

Fortunately, Maggie was long past the age of having her head turned by the considerable charms of a man like Ian McGregor.

It’s release day for Lightning and Lawmen

(Baker City Brides, Book 5)

L&L teaser long

How did a simple hello turn into something so complicated?

Love is about to leave one lawman thunderstruck in this sweet historical romance!

Lightning and Lawmen cover Cultured and full of grace, Delilah Robbins agrees to accompany her meteorologist father to his new post in Baker City, Oregon. Expecting a primitive place, she’s delighted to discover an up-and-coming town with plenty of surprises as well as a place she can turn into a sanctuary for her beloved birds. As she settles into life in the western town, she unwittingly creates a riff between two deputies when they both fall for her charms.

 Deputy Dugan Durfey only meant to extend a friendly welcome to a newcomer. But the moment he set eyes on the meteorologist’s delightful daughter, Dugan’s heart was no longer his own. Since his best friend and fellow deputy suffered the same fate, Dugan struggles to do what’s right. He’ll fight jealousy, outlaws, and a wily raccoon to keep Delilah safe, but the greater battle lies in overcoming his fears to profess his love.

Filled with humor, adventure, and plenty of sweet romance, Lightning and Lawmen highlights the history of the era and blends it with the timeless feelings of discovering true love.


L&L teaser 1

Just as he strolled around the corner by the sagging front fence, he heard a woman’s scream rip through the peaceful afternoon.

Dugan drew his pistol and ran the last few yards to the house. He crossed the front walk in seconds, bounded up the steps, and rushed inside. No one was in the hallway or the front parlor. He glanced into the dining room then continued down the hall to the kitchen. It was empty so he backtracked to the hall and continued to where two bedroom doors opened across from a bathroom.

The sight of pink stocking-clad calves, shapely ones at that, sticking out from beneath a froth of petticoats greeted him as he glanced into the first bedroom. An overturned chair and a surprisingly sensible black boot that looked impossibly small for a woman to wear were the only things on the floor in the room.

As he holstered his pistol, he lifted his gaze and stared at the woman clinging half in the attic space. Her stomach rested against the edge of the opening to the attic while her legs dangled in the air. Decorative ceiling tiles that were at least two feet square covered the ceiling. He could see how it would have been easy to disguise an entrance into the attic that way. It appeared the woman had shoved the tile aside and climbed up to investigate what was in the attic.

“Miss Robbins?” Dugan asked, tamping down his amusement and the urge to run his hands up those exposed stockings. “It’s Deputy Durfey. Just hanging around today, are you?” he teased.

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make a difference

This week’s challenge is to make a list of the times when you felt like you made a difference in someone else’s life.

Not long after I began writing romance novels, someone wrote to me and told me that my books saved her life. She said she’d lost all hope and after she read one of my books, she’d found it again, along with the will keep going.

I can’t even begin to describe how that made me feel. I was so humbled and so incredibly touched, I think I cried for two days.

Anytime I have a bad day or am doubt what I’m doing or question where I’ve living a life of purpose, I think of the words she shared and keep on keeping on.

Has there been a time you’ve made a difference to others?