12 Days of Christmas Mail-Order Brides


Twelve men. Twelve brides. Twelve days to save a town.

Christmas, 1876: Noelle, Colorado is in danger of becoming a ghost town if the railroad decides to bypass the mountaintop mining community. Determined to prove their town is thriving, twelve men commit to ordering brides before the railroad’s deadline six days into the New Year.

Each of the twelve women has her own reason for signing up to become a mail-order bride. But after they arrive in the uncivilized settlement, they aren’t so sure they’ve made the right decision. Neither are the grooms.

Will the marriages happen in time to save Noelle? The countdown starts on Christmas Day.


Kit Morgan kicks off the series on Day 1 with THE PARTRIDGE.  61ql22bik9l-_sy346_

When Reverend Chase Hammond set out to save the town of Noelle, Colorado, he knew it wasn’t going to be easy, but he never dreamed…well, read the book’s blurb for yourself.

Dear Mrs. Walters,

One of my fellow clergy told me of Denver’s Benevolent Society of Lost Lambs. I believe your organization is just what our town needs to become a community of virtuous men and women. To do that, our men need to be united in holy matrimony, start families and thus build a town of pure-hearted, respectable citizens …

At least that’s what Reverend Chase Hammond hoped when he came up with his marriage scheme to save Noelle. Unfortunately, if he didn’t get enough men married, his and every other man’s hopes of having the railroad come through would die, Noelle right along with it. But planning to marry the men off and actually doing it were two different things. Some didn’t like the idea, thinking a mining town should be mining, not marrying! But that was only one of Chase Hammond’s problems. Problems that if not fixed immediately, would seal Noelle’s fate.

Felicity Partridge was in trouble. Big trouble. An active voice for suffragettes, she’d managed to get herself arrested more than a few times. Now her father demanded that she marry to keep her out of trouble. How could she further the cause of women shackled to a husband? But when her father gave her the choice between marriage or jail, she decided it best to further her cause elsewhere, and Noelle, Colorado seemed just the place to do it! Especially when she found out who her husband would be. Unfortunately, someone forgot to mention he didn’t order a bride.


Kit’s book releases tomorrow, December 1. Be sure you read The Partridge because it sets the stage for the rest of the series.

My contribution to the set, The Dove, releases Saturday, December 2.

The Dove cover

Bewitched, beguiled, and in over his head…

  Culver Daniels spent years cultivating a peaceful, orderly existence with his blacksmith shop and livery business. Then the pastor of Noelle landed upon a crazy scheme to save the town by sending for a bunch of mail-order brides. Despite his determination to remain single, Culver finds himself among those agreeing to wed. The moment he meets the beautiful gypsy woman he’s promised to marry, he realizes life will never be the same.

Widow Kezia Mirga has no desire to marry again. Yet, for the sake of her most cherished treasure, she decides to wed a man in a remote Colorado mining town. She arrives to find nothing as she expected, the town in a state of turmoil, and her intended far more handsome and charming than she imagined. Dare she dream of a future with the burly blacksmith, or should she escape back to Denver before she loses her heart?

Will true love triumph over secrets and surprises in this sweet and wholesome holiday romance.

Here is a little teaser:

“Mr. Daniels. What brings you back here?”

“Well, Miss Mirga… er… Mrs. Mirga? I, um… I wanted to… that’s to say… I believe I owe you an…” Culver tugged at his collar, as though it had suddenly grown too tight. He cleared his throat and looked her square in the face.

The regret mingling with doubt in his eyes softened her heart even though she continued to stare at him, aloof.

“Yes?” she prompted, curious why he’d returned. She’d been so blistering mad at him earlier, she’d wanted to go to Mrs. Walters and beg her to tear up the marriage contract. The town was full of men. Surely, one of them would make a more suitable husband than the lunkheaded blacksmith.

Don’t miss The PartridgeThe Dove, and the rest of the books in this fun holiday series! They are available now for pre-order!

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