1950s Party Theme

Thanks to a bizarre conversation I had recently with someone that made me feel trapped in a 1953 house-wife’s body, I started thinking about a 1950s themed dinner party.

Just for fun, I posted a question on Facebook Saturday asking what foods people would serve.

The responses were so fun. I loved them all.

So I am definitely toying with the idea of throwing a 1950s themed dinner party. When said event happens, I’ll take a ton of photos and share recipes.

For now, I’ll share some of the menu ideas from facebook:

Pot roast surrounded by potatoes & carrots

Jello salad, Jello Mold, Jello with fruit & cottage cheese (most definitely need Jello)

Iceberg lettuce with Thousand Island dressing

Tuna casserole

Green bean casserole

Crown roast



Canned Vienna Sausages in BBQ Sauce

Deviled eggs, deviled eggs and more deviled eggs

Pimento cheese stuffed celery

Swiss steak

Chicken pot pie

Baked Alaska


Rack of lamb

Dinner rolls

Peach cobbler and ice cream

Cocktail meatballs with sauce

Pigs in a blanket

Meat loaf with mushroom gravy

Cherry pie ala mode

Milk Shakes

Lima beans and square carrots

Chicken a la king

Lobster Newberg

Double Chubby Checker (cheeseburger), chili fries and cherry cokes

She Who Needs to Get Planning

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