2021 Year End Reflections


As the year wraps up, it’s a great time to reflect on what worked, what didn’t, what you accomplished, what will make its way onto your 2022 to-do list.

If you need some ideas to get you started on taking inventory of 2021, here are a few prompts:

  • What is the most important goal I achieved this year?
  • What was my biggest accomplishment?
  • What was the most enjoyable part of my life this year?
  • In what area did I make my biggest improvements?
  • What was the most challenging part of this year?
  • What relationships brought me the most joy?
  • What was the best way I used my time this past year?
  • What was my single biggest time waster?
  • What was the biggest surprise of the year?
  • What’s the biggest mistake of the year, and the lesson learned as a result?
  • What was the most fun I had this year?
  • What was my best memory of the year?
  • What are three words to describe the past year, and why?
  • What goals do I want to carry into the new year?

May 2022 bring you much happiness, health, joy and success!

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