2022 Word of the Year

Each year, I choose a word ( or group of words) as a theme to help kind my thoughts and direction.

In 2021, I chose Grateful, Thankful, Blessed.  I am so very grateful, so incredibly thankful for the blessings in my life. But I will be the first to admit, there were days I failed to focus on that. And there were definitely times I could have ben more grateful and thankful, when I could have looked more closely at my blessings instead of focusing on the burdens.

Overall, anytime I did focus on those three words, it made me feel joyful and content.

For 2022, the word I’m choosing for my theme is different. It’s not one you might think of when choosing a word to guide your thoughts and direction, but it is the word that just kept popping into my thoughts. And when I settled on it, it felt right.


My word for 2022 is ONE.

I’m pretty good at multi-tasking, but when you spend hour after hour, day after day, week after week doing it, you get exhausted. Weary. Worn out. Stressed.

One day when my to-do list was about to overwhelm me, my very wise husband suggested I just focus on one thing. Not everything. Not several things. Just ONE thing. So I did. I worked on the first task on my list, fully present in working on it instead of working on it while my mind tried to hop to six other tasks and dwelled on the dozen other things I needed to accomplish before the day was through. Then I finished the task, and the next. It was so much easier to focus on ONE thing than a dozen.

So, that’s one of my goals this year – to focus on ONE thing at a time. It is so much less stressful. And if all I’m allowing myself to think of is the ONE thing I’m working on, I can give it all of my focus and attention. I can be present in that moment. I can give what I’m working on my best.

I think it will help me to be more relaxed and happier, and I hope that happiness and less stress will be reflected in all areas of my life.

As I thought about the word ONE, it also brought to mind some verses from Ephesians 4. I hope this year to also focus on spending more time growing spiritually ONE faithful step at a time.

Whatever word you choose for yourself this year, I hope it helps you reach your goals, achieve your dreams, and brings you joy.

Here’s to ONE fabulous year!

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4 Responses

  1. I too just read your word of the year, and I, like you just realized a few days ago that I accomplished so much more when I focused on one task, before worrying about the next. I completed a large number of tasks that day. So I too will make “One” my word of the year as well. It also makes me think, One Creator, One God, One Me. All of this has buoyed my spirit, my faith and my desire to be more productive. Let us all have a new start and an awesome 2022. Thank you for
    sharing with your readers.

    1. Hi Jody,
      I so appreciated what you shared. It’s amazing how focusing on just ONE THING can make such a huge difference. And yes – One Creator, One God who loves us so much!
      Here’s to an amazing 2022 full of ONE step at time moments. 🙂
      Thank you!
      Happy 2022!

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