52 Lists for Happiness

Each year, I choose a word that serves as my theme for the year. Although I’ve chosen this word in the past, it was the word I just kept coming back to.


So for me, in 2018 I choose the word Blessed. My goal is to focus with purpose and intention each day on my blessings. To look for them in everything and be grateful for each one.

From experience, I know when I’m feeling blessed, I’m also more joyful and happier, not to mention thankful. It’s funny how those things are all tied so closely together: joy, happiness, gratitude, and peace.

When I came across a book in an airport gift shop, I knew it would be perfect for helping me stay focused on my blessings this year, because it also drives me to be focused on happiness.


Each week, I plan to share one of the 52 lists for happiness. If you want to join in my efforts, you can find the book available on Amazon.

The very first list is to share what makes you happy right now.

Here are some of the things that are making me happy today (in no particular order):

  1. Captain Cavedweller. He makes me ridiculously happy most days.  Even when he’s not at home, all I have to do is think of something he said or did and it lightens my heart.
  2. Writing. I feel so, so blessed to get up every day and have the opportunity to do something I love so much. Writing is a precious gift, one I enjoy beyond words. Being able to share the stories and characters that flit through my thoughts and whisper in my ear with my readers gives me incredible measures of joy.
  3. Creature comforts. Our power was out over the weekend and it made me so aware of how much I take for granted, especially in the winter months. Having a warm, safe, comfortable home with running water and electricity, along with plenty of hot, filling, nourishing food is a blessings I don’t want to take for granted.  Creature comforts are full of happiness!
  4. Sunshine. The long, gray, dreary days of winter make me so grateful for those days (or hours) when the sun shines brightly overhead. Sunshine carries little beams of happiness.
  5. Chocolate. Maybe it shouldn’t, but even one little piece of really good chocolate can make me so happy.
  6.  My readers. Without them, writing wouldn’t be nearly as much fun and I wouldn’t be able to write full time. My readers bring me such joy and opportunities to connect with them are happy moments I treasure.
  7. Music. I love a variety of music, but listening to my favorite songs always put a smile on my face (and sometimes gets my toes to tapping).

What’s one thing that makes you happy today?  Whatever it is, I hope you have an abundance of it in the new year!

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