A Few of My Favorite Things

favorite snowflake

There is a Pier 1 commercial about what speaks to you this holiday season. I’ve long had a problem with things that speak to me. My most wonderful mother in law was the first person I heard coin the phrase years ago. I liked it and stole it, of course.

Any number of things speak to me on a daily basis, and the holiday season is no exception.

As I put out the decorations this year, several things spoke to me, some quite loudly.

I love the soft, fuzzy snowflake above.

favorites tiny sleigh

I also adore this little sled. Reminds me of one I had as a kid, except mine was a left-over from the youth of my brothers, was sadly lacking in paint and only steered one direction. On second thought, this one is way better.

favorites - frosty greens

I don’t know what it is about these frost greens and pinecone with the snowflake votive holder, but I really like it.

favorites sparkly deer

Almost as much as I like this sparkly deer that has taken up residence on my desk. (Are you sensing a theme in what I like with the whites, creams and greens this year. I think I may have a problem…)

favorites believe plaque

Someone very dear to me gave me this Believe plaque for my birthday. My one-word theme for the year has been Believe, which makes this so fitting.

favorites merry christmas lace

This lacy wall-hanging is awesome and a gift a few years ago from my beloved Captain Cavedweller.

favorites moose in chair

Don’t ask me why, but this fuzzy guy makes me smile. He’s a great cuddler, too.

favorites sleigh trivet

And this trivet… CC knows I have a weakness for sleigh decor and managed to sneak this home from my book signing in Redmond last month. I love it!

She Who Has Too Many Favorite Things

25 days 2011

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