A Freebie, A Party, and a Little Flash Fiction


Today is going to be such a fun day!

50 Dates coverFifty Dates with Captain Cavedweller is available for FREE downloads on Amazon. Just in time to get your romance on for Valentine’s Day!

If you’re unfamiliar with the book, Captain Cavedweller and I spent a year going on weekly dates, trying to recapture a little zing in our marriage. Of course, I documented the dates and shared my thoughts on them in this book. It’s not all roses and candlelight, for certain, but it does have some ideas for date nights and offers honest opinions about the dates.

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RecipesofLove_ebookTo celebrate the release of our Recipes of Love book, and because enjoy a good time, the authors of Sweet Romance Reads are hosting a Facebook party today – and you are all invited! The party runs from 2-8 p.m. (ET) with a variety of prizes, contests and giveaways. Don’t miss out on the fun!

Spring Romance CoverIf you enjoyed The Cowboy’s Spring Romance, Book 2 in the Grass Valley Cowboy’s series, have I got a treat for you!

I wrote this piece of flash fiction for the Sweet Romance Reads newsletter, and now I can share it with you!


The Cowboy’s Valentine

Setting: Grass Valley, Oregon ~ Valentine’s Day


“You are such an idiot.”

Trent Thompson ignored his younger brother’s commentary as they rode behind a few cows they’d just cut from the herd. He glanced at his watch, painfully aware of the looming approach of his date.

Maybe Travis was right. He shouldn’t have rashly asked Lindsay Pierce out when he spoke to her that morning. Who does that on Valentine’s Day?

“She’s probably picking out wedding invitations and calling a caterer as we speak.” Travis grinned and ducked when Trent took a playful punch at him. “I warned you Valentine’s Day comes with a truckload of expectations. Set the bar too high and she’ll expect those kinds of dates all the time. Set the bar too low and she won’t ever speak to you again. That’s why I avoid Valentine’s dates. It’s not worth the stress and hassle.”

“Cool it, Trav. It’s just a date, not an engagement party. Besides, I’ve only taken her out once. It’s not a big deal.” Trent thought he sounded calm and convincing even if panic had set in an hour ago. He had no idea where to take Lindsay and less than an hour to come up with something.

“Not a big deal?” Travis snorted and shook his head. “No doubt about it, you’re in deep trouble.”

Trent frowned at him. “Just shut it. Unless you can come up with something helpful, like a suggestion of where to take her this evening, be quiet.”

“I’m just saying…” Travis closed his mouth at Trent’s threatening glare.

After securing the cows in the calving barn, Trent’s long legs ate up the ground to the house. He jumped into the shower and shaved for a second time that day.

Overcome with nerves, he briefly considered texting Lindsay to cancel the date. For three long years, he’d pined after the woman. Now that she’d finally shown a little interest in him, he worried he’d mess up the opportunity to get to know her better.

Determined to do his best, he raced to get dressed, stomping his feet into his boots on the way to the kitchen. Trent slapped his black Stetson on his head and rushed out to his pickup.

On the drive to Lindsay’s place, he wondered how he’d gotten himself into this predicament. Visions of Lindsay’s long blond hair, alluring blue eyes, and beautiful face filled his thoughts. He knew exactly how it had happened.

Slowly pulling up in front of her house, he stared at the light on her porch and inhaled a deep, fortifying breath.

Rose? Check.

Candy? Check.

Breath mint? Trent popped one in his mouth and slid out of the truck, sauntering down the walk and up the porch steps.

All his worry and anxiety melted away when she opened the door, enveloping him in the warmth of her smile.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, Trent.”

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