A Gift For You

rosesToday is one of my favorite days.

It just happens to be the birthday of Captain Cavedweller’s father-in-law’s daughter.


Today is a day I freely eat all the chocolate I want, enjoy the beautiful roses CC has given me, and take a day to relax and just enjoy the incredibly blessed life I’ve been given.

Since I know I’ll have some presents to open later, I want to give a present to you all, too!

Love at the 20-Yard Line

You can download a FREE copy of Love at the 20-Yard Line on Smashwords in your preferred format.

I’m including a coupon code below that is only good today – so make sure you download it right away.

And please let your friends and family know they can download it to!

Thank you all for being so wonderful, supportive, and encouraging. Big hugs to you and many, many thanks!

To get a free copy of the book here’s the directions:

Just go to the Love at the 20-Yard Line page on Smashwords.

Add to your shopping cart.

Enter this code at checkout: TV33T

Download it in your preferred format and enjoy!

Happy Reading!

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