A Monday List

1. I decided to finally tackle the spring cleaning I promised myself I’d get done in April of 2009. So far, I’ve managed to complete two rooms.  I need to finish the other five tonight if all my plans are going to come together this week. Anyone have a super cape I could borrow? Or a magic wand? How about some fairies? Fairies could be helpful.

2. While I was frantically cleaning,  Captain Cavedweller finally agreed to update two lighting fixtures in the kitchen. The first light caused the following:

  • A mess of monumental proportion.
  • Captain Cavedweller to become quite agitated.
  • Crumbling wires from the old fixture that quite possibly had been there since the invention of electricity.
  • The need to call an electrician and beg for help.
  • A gaping hole in my ceiling.
  • The inability to turn on any of the kitchen lights for fear of what will happen with the crumbling wire.

3. After the first light, the second one is still in the box, unopened. Guess who gets to call electricians and beg for assistance? Here is a hint – it won’t be CC.

4. I staggered through the cobwebs on my treadmill and actually walked on it today. The treadmill and I are not on the most friendly terms and this recent interaction has caused us both to be conflicted and confused.

5. I am supposed to be writing a novel this month for a contest. The goal is to reach at least 50,000 words by Nov. 30. So far, I’ve written 15,660. This does not bode well for getting the novel done in a little more than a week.

6. Captain Cavedweller has requested prime rib for Thanksgiving rather than turkey. This has caused me to be conflicted and confused. What’s next? Carrot cake instead of pumpkin pie?

She Who Needs a Few More Hours in the Day, Please

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