A Room of My Own


I first read A Room of My Own by Ann Tatlock years ago. It’s one of those stories that stick with you a while, that make you think and feel and ponder.

I’ve read it several times since, because I’m funny that way and enjoy rereading good books from time to time.

Set in the great depression, the book is the story of a young girl, Virginia Eide, and how she takes a journey of self-discovery and awareness that God has plans for her life beyond that which her 13-year-old mind can comprehend.

When her uncle loses his job, his family is forced to move in with Virginia’s and she is resentful of her loss of freedom and privacy with another family living under their roof.

Her father, a doctor, takes her with him to visit a homeless camp on the edge of their town. Virginia helps her father care for the homeless and finds herself seeing life from a different perspective.

This book of Christian fiction is heart-warming, touching and the perfect read when you feel the need for a little introspection.

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