A Thousand Spiders

Yesterday I was minding my own business, trying my best to perfect my lazy slugness, when Captain Cavedweller came bursting into the house and hauled me outside.

“You’ve got to see this,” he said.

“See what,” I asked, slightly miffed at having my blissful do-nothingness interrupted.

“This,” he said, pointing to some tulip stems in the front flower bed.

There, firmly entwined around the tulip stem, was a nest of freshly hatched spiders.


So being the nut-job that I am, I had to get down on all fours so I could investigate them closer. Then I decided I needed to take photos of them.

They started out in a tight little cluster that quickly expanded. They kept coming and coming. I’m pretty sure there must have been a gazillion of them, but for simplicity I decided to call it an even thousand.

Of course, we couldn’t let this fascinating find go unnoticed by others so I hotfooted it over to the neighbor’s and invited their kids over to see the spiders. They quickly stuck both hands into the mess and drug spiders home with them (Sorry, Jennifer!). And yet, the spiders kept coming. Soon the adults were batting them out of our hair and off  our clothes as the spiders went airborne.


And still more spiders crawled up the stem of the tulip and ran amuck in my flower bed. I think there is a never ending supply of them. The neighbor finally called an end to the kids spider diving and took them home. I’m sure I’m on her favorite neighbor list now. I’m all about sharing those fun experiences with anyone I can.

She Who Does Not Love Spiders

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