A Thursday List

crazy is showing I posted this on Facebook yesterday because it sums up my week so well. Here’s a random list that will illustrate why…

1. I attended a horse sale and western vendor event over the weekend. Three men (at separate times) walked by my booth, read my “Hopeless Romantic” sign, read it again then informed me they thought it read “topless.”  The first three thoughts in my head were:

* You’re a pervert.

* Your mind is in the gutter.

* Do I look like someone who would have anything to do with anything topless?

I’m still slightly offended although it is somewhat funny and sure makes a good story.

2. Captain Cavedweller and I needed to bite the bullet and have new windows installed in our house since we moved in fourteen years ago. We finally decided the old single pane windows from the late 1940s had to go and the installers are here this week putting in beautiful new windows. While this is a great thing, there isn’t a single room in my house that doesn’t look like a disaster area. The installers suggested removing anything off the wall that might get accidentally bumped, so between taking down everything and moving all the furniture to the center of all the rooms… huge mess. (Did I mention I have a clothes dryer currently serving as a nightstand?)

3. In the process of installing new windows, it was discovered some of our siding is bad on the back side of our house… as in rotten and EW! I can’t believe we didn’t notice it was so awful. While the installers are off working on a project that has to be more fun than ours today, Captain Cavedweller will set a mad pace when he gets home from work to replace the siding on that side of the house. This means I will spend the evening handing him tools and trying not to get a hammer dropped on my head.

4. If you ever want to make work for yourself, take all the stuff off your walls and scoot your furniture into the middle of the room. Suddenly, you realize you there are many scuffs and scratches on the walls that need attention. When you go to find the can of paint to do some touch ups, you recall using the last of it half a dozen years ago. After studying the wall, trying to decide what to do, you come to the conclusion you now hate the color and want to paint the whole room. That’s right, I’m off to town to buy paint as soon as the store opens this morning.

5. Although I know I shouldn’t, once a week or so I skim through the reviews people leave for my books. Apparently, despite my best efforts otherwise, my books are:

*Ridiculous. “Couldn’t get past the first few chapters.”

* Unbelievable.

* Rated PG-13 – Yes, one reviewer rated my  books PG-13. That would be because… there’s not a single cuss word, no bedroom scenes, nothing smutty or dirty or disgusting in any of my books. At all. (Still confused over this one.)

*Unreadable. “I found some language at the beginning I was not pleased with. I didn’t read it.” 2-star review (Have no clue what language could be this offensive… again, very confused.)

Hmm…. guess I’ll just never write another book again.

Just kidding!

6.There is a robin in the neighbor’s pasture across the fence that is convinced it’s an attack dog. Lesson learned – don’t go near the fence and stay away from the bird.

7. Maybe it’s something in the air, something in the water or the position of the moon… whatever it is, it just seems like crazy is out in full force the past week or so. I’m ready to hide at home, turn off the computer and curl up on my bed next to the dryer, waiting for it all to pass.

Anyone else having a full-on dose of crazy in their world this week?

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