A Walk in the Garden

If you like romance and time travel, A Walk in the Garden by indie author Karen Guffey was a nice little read for a rainy afternoon.

Marie Tranton is a beautiful, lively young woman in 1927 Boston with a well-to-do family. She is engaged and is slowly realizing her fiance just isn’t the cat’s pajamas.

Deciding to clear her thoughts with a walk in her garden, she finds herself walking through a fog and arriving in the garden of Rick Lauman, a successful realtor in 2011 Boston.

Rick, who wants more than anything to find someone special he can love, falls immediately for the lovely Marie. The only challenge is trying to convince her to stay in 2011 instead of returning to 1927.

Although the ending is predictable, it was a well-written nice little story that I enjoyed. I will look forward to more books by this new author.

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