A Year of Gratitude

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Each year I choose one word as a “theme” of sorts. Something I want to focus on in my life.

Last year, I selected the word “happy.” After a year or intentionally working on happiness, I feel like I’ve not only become happier, but also more grateful.

That’s why I decided to choose “Gratitude” as my word for 2015.

Just this morning, I happened across a 52-week gratitude challenge and took all of three seconds to decide to do it.

Each Monday (at least I’ll try to make it each Monday), I’ll post my thoughts about the challenge for the week.

gratitude challengeWeek 1 is “why start this challenge?”

As I stated above, I learned that gratitude and happiness go hand in hand. While I like to think I’m a grateful person, I know I have oodles of room for improvement.

It’s so easy to let the negative ooze in, to take things for granted, and overlook how many blessings I have. I want to be more mindful of being thankful this year. Of being grateful. Of realizing how fortunate I am.

I hope you’ll come along on my journey!

While I’m at it, I love this song from Martina McBride. I am so blessed.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ptkWYhX79N8&w=420&h=315]

Happy New Year! May it be your best your ever!

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