Alex the Amazing

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I saw this photo on Pinterest and it made me think of Alex the Amazing from The Christmas Calamity.

Alexandra Janowski, aka Alex the Amazing,  is a prestidigitator who ends up in Hardman, waiting for her wagon to be repaired.

Arlan Guthry is an assistant at the Hardman Bank, upright, a little stuffy, and immediately enamored with the beautiful magician.

Here’s a little peek at his thoughts upon first seeing her:

As he bent to inspect the damage, the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen walked around the end of the wagon with an abundance of black hair flowing in waves around her shoulders and down her back.

An elaborately embellished waistcoat and topcoat in a rich shade of peacock blue topped the black trousers she wore tucked inside knee-high leather boots.

Unsettled by the sight of a woman in pants, Arlan didn’t know if he should be more disturbed by the feather-bedecked top hat in her left hand or the large mallet in her right.

Abruptly standing, he swiped the hat from his head and gave her a nod before looking behind her, expecting an enraged husband to appear.

A subtle inspection of her face didn’t reveal a handprint as he expected from the resounding smack he’d heard on the other side of the hill. Instead, it left him entranced with her intriguing hazel eyes, rimmed by thick, black eyelashes.


You can pre-order your digital copy of The Christmas Calamity for only $1.99. Once it releases Nov. 13 the price will go up. Hope you’re as exited to read Alex and Arlan’s story as I am to share it with you!

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