Appletize Me!

apple logoOctober is National Apple Month.

How exciting is that? (Come on, it’s pretty darn exciting! Apple cider, apple crisp, apple pie, caramel apples…)

Living across the road from an orchard, the pickers have already stripped the trees and I miss seeing the bright red, juice-packed orbs amidst all those green leaves.

If you were an apple, what type of apple would you be?

The U.S. Apple Association (USApple) helps you get to the core of the matter with AppletizeMe, a fun website that matches your personality traits to your ideal apple variety.

Are you a social butterfly? That makes you a Gala apple.

How about an intellectual? Easy as Pi. You’re a Ginger Gold.

Fitness fanatic? Then you’re a Fuji, living proof that crunches are worth the effort.


This will come as a surprise… to no one – I’m a Girly Girl!

According to the site: “No matter the occasion, you’re always polished with a snazzy dress and just the right amount of makeup. You’re not afraid to show off your feminine side—including a tendency to blush. But, you always keep it classy.”

What do you think? Is that a good fit?

Apparently, this makes me a Cripps Pink  A.K.A. Pink Lady. Naturally sweet with a juicy crunch.


In addition to the fun little personality link, there are “perfect pairings” with tips on pairing different varieties of apples.

You can also click on the “Varieties” tab and choose a specific type of apple to learn all about it.


Like Honeycrisp, my all-time favorite apple. You’ll  find details about the apple, its personality and suggested pairings.

If you love apples, or just want to spend a few minutes having a little fun, check out

She Who’ll be Telling Captain Cavedweller about being  Naturally Sweet  – the Apple Said So!

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