Astoria Column

When Captain Cavedweller and I were on vacation a few weeks ago, one of the places we visited was the Astoria Column.

It is a very interesting piece of architecture and beyond that, the views from the column are breathtakingly beautiful.

To get the full effects of the view, you must climb up a gazillion stairs which would be why CC and my camera went to the top and I stayed at the bottom.

These would be the gazillion steps I did not wish to climb. CC climbed them and was still sore four days later.

If you ever find yourself in the Astoria, Oregon, area, take a trip out to the column. It is well worth your time.

Here are some details:

  • Patterned after Trajan’s Column, Rome, Italy
• Constructed of: Concrete
• Depth of foundation: 12 feet
• Elevation, Coxcomb Hill: 600 feet
• Height: 125 feet
• Number of steps: 164
• Number of cartoons: 12
• Number of brown figures: 200
• Length of artwork, unwound: 500+ feet
• Decoration at top: State seal of Oregon
• Completed in 1926
• Dedicated July 22, 1926
• Original cost: $27,133.96
• Column restoration: $1 million 1995
• Plaza restoration & lighting: $2 million 2004


She Who is Not Fond of Stair Climbing

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