At Home in Mitford

My most wonderful mother-in-law has been a die-hard Mitford fan since the books first came out.

It took me a little longer to jump into the series, but when I did, it was with both feet.

Last year for Christmas, my mom gave me the first three books in the series. I could not put them down.

The Mitford series is set in the charming North Carolina town of Mitford with a bachelor rector, Father Tim, leading the band of delightful characters.

At Home in Mitford is the first in Jan Karon’s wildly popular series.

Part of the lure is the beautiful way Karon paints pictures in words of this wonderful town that puts you in mind of Mayberry, where the grass is green, picket fences are white and neighbors care about each other.

If you haven’t read the Mitford books, pick this one up and see if you aren’t hooked!

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