Attention Men!



Stop right there, buster.

Yeah, you – the one who keeps sending weird not-cool messages via Facebook.

I have just three words for you –


Is it just me, or did someone open the gate to the creepy guys who use social media as a means to find their next ex-wife?

Seriously, it is humorous at best and disturbing at worst.

In the past few weeks, I’ve had several men send me friend requests on Facebook. They seemed harmless enough, we shared mutual friends, no red flags starting flapping in the breeze.

Then I hit the “confirm request” button…

Within an hour of doing so, I started receiving messages like this:

Thank you for accepting my request,the smile on your face caught my attention i thought i should send you a request can i get acquainted with you?hope to hear from you soon.

Um, hello – creepy!

Besides, what part of my profile that says married or all the posts I share about being goofy in love with Captain Cavedweller did you miss, you dingdong!

Another one decided the best approach was to bombard me with messages every time I got on Facebook. They went something like this:

Are you there?

Hello, lady.

Can we connect?



Oh, and then there are the men from foreign countries who send garbled messages I can’t decipher.

My lovely, make much you send four and smile flowers.

I’m trying to picture what these guys are like in real life. Then again, I don’t really want to know.

But here’s my advice for them…

• Get some social skills!

• Don’t act like a crazy, creepy stalker.

• Don’t send messages like “I like your smile” to women as a way of introducing yourself.

• Do read profiles  – happily married women aren’t interested in anything you’ve got going on (and most single women would probably say the same).

• If you are genuinely trying to make a professional connection – keep it professional! Introduce yourself, say why you are interested in becoming friends.

• Take up a hobby besides freaking out women in social media.

From now on, unless the men interested in connecting have a friend send an introduction, give me three good reasons I should accept their friend request, or sign a 16-page documents stating why they will never turn into a creepy creep, I’m ignoring their requests.


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