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For those of you who have been asking… I’m working on getting at least one book available in audio form! I figure after a trial run, I’ll work out the kinks and get started on making the rest of them available.

So I’m looking for some feedback, input, suggestions and ideas today…

If you’re an author and you’ve done an audiobook – what tips can you share?  Any thing you’d definitely do or stay away from?

If you are a big audio book fan – I’d love some info from you, too?

What type of voice do you like to listen to? Male or female?

If male – what type of voice appeals to you? Deep? Rugged? Smooth?

Do you like music or other sounds in the background or just the book being read?

Please share any and all thoughts about your likes and dislikes of audio books. I’m really in the research and development stage and your input will be a huge help!

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