Aundy – Pendleton Petticoats Book 1

Aundy Cover

I have officially finished the first draft of my new historical series set in Pendleton, Oregon.

Aundy is the story of a mail-order bride from Chicago and the unexpected twists and turns life takes once she arrives out West.

And yes, as you can probably guess, there may even be a cute little lamb involved in the story.

I’m madly working on making edits so I can send this off to my wonderful proofreaders soon.

In the meantime, here’s a little peek:


“Aundy,” Nora called, hurrying down the walk, barely waiting for Garrett to help her out of the buggy before pulling her into a welcoming hug. “Don’t you look pretty today? My goodness, but you’ve got some beautiful clothes. And your hair is so thick and long and lovely.”

“I…” Aundy spluttered, not accustomed to being paid compliments. She knew she wasn’t beautiful like her younger sister and had long ago resigned herself to just being who she was – sturdy, strong and hardworking.

“Doesn’t she Garrett?” Nora said, looking around Aundy to her son. “Isn’t she one of the most striking girls you’ve ever seen?”

At Nora’s nod and glare, Garrett was quick to agree. “Yes, Ma,” he said, tipping his hat to the women before hurrying toward the barn with the horse and buggy.  Glancing over his shoulder, he watched Nora herd Aundy up the steps and in the house, her fancy-stitched skirt swishing around her long legs while her blond hair rippled down her back with each step.

He wasn’t just paying lip service because his mother wanted him to. Erik’s widow had turned more than a few heads since her arrival in Pendleton.

Aundy wasn’t what anyone would call beautiful, but she was very attractive. His mother summed it up well when she said she was striking. With that golden hair, her blue eyes, creamy skin and tall height, she was hard to miss…


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