Autumn Treasures Party Theme

With a chill in the air and the first official day of fall this week, I may have to admit defeat and accept the fact that autumn is about to arrive.

Instead of stomping my feet and having a full-fledged hissy fit that summer has once again flown away before I had a chance to fully enjoy it, I have decided to instead embrace the autumn season.

One fun way to do that is with an Autumn-themed party.

Send out invitations shaped live fall leaves or use stationery with a pumpkin or apple theme.

Bring the colors of the season into your home using shades of crimson red, burgundy, sage and earthy greens, golden yellow,  and deep orange. Use accent pillows or throws to really create that warm and cozy atmosphere we associate with fall.

Decoration for your party can be something as simple as a few potted mums, bundles of wheat tied with raffia bows or a pile of mini pumpkins and squash. You don’t have to get carried away with something fancy. You could even do bowls of polished apples or carve out the centers of apples and use as holders for candles.

Your meal can be simple as well. Make a pork roast with carrots and potatoes, pan-fry some squash and finish the evening with apple pie.

If you want the party to be a more hands-on experience, do a fun activity before the meal like apple picking or visiting a pumpkin patch. Make your guests earn their dinner by hosting a leaf-raking party (make sure you supply plenty of garbage bags to collect the leaves and gloves). Give the person who rakes the most leaves a nice prize.

Or host an autumn bonfire. Serve up hot dogs, potato wedges and mulled cider.

However you decide to entertain this fall, just remember to enjoy the experience and not get too wrapped up in the details.

She Who Really Needs to Plan an Autumn Party


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