Baby Kitty

Dear Neighbor with the Herd of Cats,

I feel it only fair to write and give you ample warning you are in danger of losing one of your multitude of felines.

You see, it has not gone unnoticed that one of your cats recently increased the number of your herd.

The reason we know this is because one of the new additions has taken to wandering into our yard.

baby kittyHow are we supposed to ignore, let alone resist, this sweet little ball of friendly fur?

Even the non-cat person at our house has taken to cuddling this precious little pookie face, patting it on the head and calling it George – okay, Baby Kitty – but you get the idea.

The Heinous Cat has also been on his best behavior around the adorable baby. He even  let it get within sniffing distance without knocking it into next Tuesday.

Please, if you don’t want this fuzzy, wonderful little kitten to find a new home, I’m begging you to keep it home.

Otherwise, we can’t be held responsible for it taking up permanent residence at our house.


Captain Cavedweller and She Who is Completely Loopy over Baby Kitty

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