Banana Ice Cream

When I was a kid, on random and rare occasions my sister-in-law Debbie would treat us to homemade banana ice cream. It was smooth, creamy bliss in a bowl on a hot summer day.  A bit of a banana fan, I absolutely loved this ice cream and eagerly looked forward to the times she made it. (Which wasn’t nearly often enough).

My mom tried to make it a few times, but it never tasted the same because she refused to use the raw eggs required by the recipe. So if you don’t consume raw eggs, please skip today’s post and come back next week when I don’t have to issue any food warnings.

Consider this your warning – consuming raw eggs may increase your chance of food borne illness. Use fresh eggs that aren’t cracked, please, if you plan to make this ice cream.

Which, if you like ice cream and like bananas, you will want to do as quickly as possible.

It has been years (decades) since I’ve had this ice cream and it was just as yummy as I remember. I finally begged Debbie to share her recipe and I am forever grateful that she did.

Captain Cavedweller had never enjoyed the experience of banana ice cream before and I thought I was going to have to find a stick to beat him off  just so I could get a bowl of it.

Yeah, it was that good.

It is really easy to make and this recipe will fill a four-quart ice cream freezer easily. If you have one of the one and a half quart freezers, I’d cut this down to a one-third recipe.



Beat eggs until foamy.

Add sugar and beat until dissolved.

Add cream, salt, flavorings and milk to get this foamy, beautiful bowl of goodness.

Mash bananas and add to mix.

Pour into your ice cream freezer and freeze according to machine directions.

A whimsically fun bowl may slightly enhance the flavor, unless you are Captain Cavedweller.

Serve with a garnish of banana slices dipped in chocolate and mint, if you so desire. CC desired a shortbread cookie with his.

Banana Ice Cream

5 eggs
2 1/2 cups sugar
4cups whipping cream
1 tsp. salt
2 tsp. vanilla
2 tsp. banana flavoring
4 cups milk
4 ripe bananas, mashed
* Warning! Consuming raw eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness.   If you do decide to make this and use the raw eggs, please choose eggs that are fresh with no cracks in the shell.
Start by beating the eggs until they are foamy and light. I let mine go about six minutes. Add in sugar and continue mixing. Slow the speed on the mixer and add in the cream followed by the salt, vanilla and banana flavoring. Continue mixing and add in the milk, blending in the bananas last. Pour into your ice cream freezer and freeze according to machine directions.

Serve and enjoy! I dipped a few banana slices in chocolate and added a garnish of mint, just for fun. Captain Cavedweller preferred his plain, of course.

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