Barreling Through Christmas Characters


I realized in all the flurry of the last few weeks, I didn’t share the characters from Barreling Through Christmas with you, so here they are!

From our introduction to Cooper James in Capturing Christmas, we knew he was full of life and fun, we just didn’t know for sure what he looked like.

I enjoyed someone muscular with a ready smile and a boyish charm.


As soon as I saw Colton Haynes, I knew he was the perfect Cooper James.


That thick hair, that chin…


The jawline and freckles…


A fun-loving smile and gorgeous blue eyes. Yep, he fit Cooper to a T!

Paige was a little harder to figure out. She needed to be lovely, but somewhat reserved, at least at first.


Dianna Agron made a splendid Paige Porter.


She’s beautiful…


and polished…


with just enough sass and spark to make a wonderful Paige.


This ol’ cowboy (sorry, I haven’t found his real name yet) is how I see Nick, Cooper’s grandfather in the story. He’d also make a really good western Santa, don’t you think?


Brittany Willacy looks exactly how I picture Paige’s free-spirited sister, Randi.


I chose James Van Der Beek as inspiration for Paige’s brother-in-law Dave.


Whoever this guy is (I really have no clue to his real identity), he inspired the character of Dexter, man bun, skinny jeans and all.


This is real-life Rodeo Entertainer (clown and Barrelman) JJ Harrison. He’s one of the best in the business and I had the pleasure of chatting in person with him a year ago when I first started working on the idea for Cooper’s story. Mr. Harrison was a school teacher before he switched careers and started working in the rodeo business full-time. There’s a nice article about him at this link:

And if you want to see more visuals from the story, check out the Pinterest Board! 


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