Be Mean to Old People Week


Apparently, it must be National Be Mean to Old People Week.

Why didn’t someone warn me? How did I miss this memo?

After writing Monday about people treating the elderly disrespectfully, Captain Cavedweller and I arrived home last night to find a frantic message from his grandmother followed by a cryptic message from his mother which ended in “call me when you get home.”

CC called his mom to discover some scammer called his grandmother, pretending to be “her oldest grandson.”

When Grandma asked him what his name was, he couldn’t remember.

When she asked him why he sounded funny, he said he had a cold. (CC talks to his Grandma enough she’d recognize his voice if he had a cold – or was trying to holler into a windstorm.)

Not being the easy mark the scammer thought she’d be, he tried to play up a whole sob story about being in jail in Mexico and needing her to bail him out.

Since CC has never been in trouble with the law and never been to Mexico, both statements sounded fishy to Grandma.

So she hung up, called us, then called CC’s mom.

My most wonderful mother-in-law assured Grandma that if any of us were in jail in Mexico, she’d be the last person we’d call. (Not sure that helped Grandma’s ego at that point, but it was kind of funny.) Grandma was just glad for the assurance that CC had not completely changed his personality and turned to a life of crime and debauchery. We’re glad to know if something ever did happen and we needed her help, Grandma has got our back.

Anyway, to those who heard CC was in Mexico waiting for his grandma to bail him out – sorry to disappoint you. He was at work all day yesterday. I know that for a fact because we carpooled.

And to those of you who think it’s funny, cool, or clever to try and scam old people – knock it off. You obviously have creative skills that are not being put to good use.

Get a job.

Work for a living.

Be a contributing member of society instead of a trouble-making parasite.

She Who Has Had it With People Picking on the Elderly


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