Beautiful Characters

When I’m deciding what a character will look like in my stories, my mind always goes to someone attractive, if not beautiful.

I was thinking about beauty today – both inward and outward – and pondering all the reasons why we want our hero and heroine to be beautiful.

It is a fairly common thing in our human nature to be drawn to those things that are lovely. Right, wrong or otherwise, it is what it is.

I’ve been thinking about this for a while and have decided in a book I am planning for next summer that I might just try making me heroine plain. The focus would be on her inner beauty and how that overcomes what others see at first glance.

As a writer, we can help the reader think of a character who may be lacking in physical beauty as a beautiful person by the way we mold and shape that character.

That is one challenge I am definitely setting for myself and look forward to taking it on successfully.

Just for fun, what words do you think describe a character who has a beautiful spirit even if they aren’t classified as a “classic beauty?”

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