Bedroom Makeover Part I

As I mentioned yesterday, I spent the weekend giving our bedroom a complete makeover. It was a lot of fun and more work than I anticipated. I’ve got five blisters to prove it!

The inspiration for my madness, I mean creativity, came from a Private Quarter’s party I co-hosted with my friend Colleen. Once I received all the beautiful new pieces I ordered I knew I needed, wanted, to update the bedroom before I put them to use.

Today I’ll show you the paint process I went through on the walls and tomorrow check back in to see the finished room.

So this is what the room looked like when I started the project. The walls were sponged a mixture of cream and white with a cream quilt, cream drapes, cream runner on the dresser, and lots of cream accents.

Did I mention the cream? There was quite a bit of it.

Stripped down, here is what the room and walls looked like. Please ignore the dirty window. I generally do.

The walls already had this great knock down texture, which I love. It adds depth and character and goodness knows we need all the character we can get.

These are the colors I decided to use in the bedroom – Cinnamon Spice and Cafe Latte – which is now making me hungry. Quite a change from cream, huh?

Here you can see the colors right in the can.

With the great texture on the walls, I decided to use a method of painting that would really highlight all that wonderful texture.

It is called The Woolie 2 Color Paint Roller System. I used it with success a few years ago when I spent three days stripping hideous wallpaper out of our guest room and painted the walls a rich golden color. I don’t remember where I purchased The Woolie, but you can find it at Amazon.

The way The Woolie works is the roller is big and thick and, get this… wait for it… Woolie,  and is split in two. You pour the two colors of paint of your choice in the split tray and get to work. When you are selecting paint colors, decide what overall color you want to go for and then choose paint both two shades lighter and two shades darker. I know it sounds crazy, but it works!

So here is what the first roll of paint looked like on the wall. Sorry the photo isn’t crisp. It was challenging to take photos, work, and keep the camera out of the paint all at the same time.

This shows the colors starting to blend. The beauty about this system is that you can slap the paint on any ol’ direction and the more random you are, the better it looks. That is totally my way to paint, because I usually slap the paint on going whatever direction strikes my fancy and my walls completely show my inability to paint in a straight uniform manner.

Here is one wall completed. You can see the great blending of colors and all the fantastic texture.

Check out the finished walls in the room. Quite a contrast to cream, cream, cream.

Tomorrow, I’ll share the redecorating portion of the room.

She Who Hates to Paint

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