Begging for Help


I truly feel like I have no right to ask for more help or support with how wonderful everyone has been, but…

Tomorrow is the big release day for these two books, the facebook party, and the last day The Christmas Bargain is available for free downloads.

To help give one last big push to promote all the fun, I have a Thunderclap and Headtalker campaign. Basically, what these do is at a specific time, they send out a blurb on various social media outlets (like Facebook and Twitter).

I’m fast running out of time to get enough support for either of them. If you don’t meet their minimum requirements, they don’t send out the campaign.

If you haven’t yet, would you pop over to one or both sites and add your support. It doesn’t cost anything but a moment of your time. You can click to support through a variety of social media outlets. At the appointed time, they’ll post the blurb on your Facebook wall, or tweet it to your account. Simple as that.

Here are the links:


If you have any friends or family who would support the cause, too, I’d be so appreciative.

Thanks for all your support! You are so, so appreciated!

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