Believe Week 2

I’ve been thinking about what it means to believe – what the word means.

Dictionaries offer various definitions, but I like this one: to accept something as true, genuine or real. To have confidence in something without proof. To have a firm conviction in something or someone.

This past week, I had something quite unexpected (and rather unpleasant) happen. I viewed it as a good way to test out my intentions to believe. I could have gone into a panic, freaked out a bit (which I may have admittedly done for a few minutes). But then I took a deep breath, and thought about the ways I can choose to react to something negative.

So I chose to believe that everything was going to be fine and moved on.

I think the part of this definition that is speaking the loudest to me today is the second line. To have confidence in something without proof. That is the very essence of believing. Without proof. When we believe in something, we have no idea of the outcome, no guarantees, no promises. But when we believe – oh, all kinds of wondrous things can happen.

Here’s to a week of believing – without proof!


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