Believe Week 8

There was a day last week when I absolutely “hit a wall.”

To more accurately describe it, I felt like a wall had been dropped on me. It was as though everything, all at once, just sent me into a spiral of “Who am I to think I can do this?”

Then Captain Cavedweller came home from a long day of work, listened to what had me all worked up, and said four words that meant so much and changed everything in heartbeat: “I believe in you.”

We have to believe in ourselves and our dreams. That’s a given.

But once in a while, when we’re struggling to hang on to that faith, to cling to our hope, one of the best things in the world we can hear is that someone else believes in us to.

So whatever you are struggling with today. Whatever challenges you face, I hope you know this:

I Believe in YOU!

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