Believe Week 9


With all the uncertainty in the world right now (and plenty of it in our world from some hard-to-bear family news), this quote spoke to me today.

Faith or fear.

Such opposite things, yet, as the quote says, they both demand we believe in something unseen.

Fear is so easy to fall prey to because there are so many things that feed it.

But what we feed grows.

So I’m choosing to feed faith instead.

And I’m choosing to believe in faith carrying us through these challenging times.

I hope you will, too.

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One Response

  1. Thank you for once again writing what we need to read. I, too, believe we will get through this and in good shape, if we have faith and use our common sense. We have some choices to make, not only affecting our own health but those around us. I have Faith that God will see us through this, but it will require some effort on our part. Love.

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