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I just realized I never shared a post with Bertie’s characters.

Would you like to meet them today?

Let’s start with Riley Walsh.

He’s handsome, but lean. And looks a little sad and world-weary when Bertie first sets eyes on him.

RileyI thought Logan Bartholomew was perfect for the character of Riley.

Logan BartholomewHe’s got a mixture of boyish appeal with just the right amount of rugged sadness.

Riley 5And he has a beautiful horse named Mud  who will stand out in the rain with him when he’s lost his last friend.

Mackenzie MauzyThe beautiful, bubbly MacKenzie Maury is perfect for Bertie Hawkins.

Bertie 5When the story begins, Bertie has survived a terrible tragedy that stripped away her trust in others and left her living in a constant state of fear.

Then she takes a job at Nash’s Folly and meets Riley.

Bertie 3And her heart begins to heal. From that curly hair to the lovely blue eyes, she was so, so perfect for Bertie!

NikAnother Logan (Logan Lerman) is also important in this story as the character of Nik.

I first chose Logan when I wrote Aundy.

logan_lerman_1309033416He made such an awesome orphaned shepherd boy.

But now he’s nearly grown up and will soon be a doctor.

SteveOf course, many of you have met Steve the Mule already. He gets around and likes to be in the spotlight.

Poppy2This is Aundy’s horse Poppy.

tractor aAnd Garrett’s tractor!

Find more visual inspiration I used for this story on Pinterest!

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