Betty Crocker circa 1961

The other day I was browsing through my collection of cookbooks and the one that caught my eye was a cookbook I inherited from my Grandma.

My dad’s mother loved people, loved to entertain and I don’t remember ever leaving her house without a big warm hug. She was a great example of what hospitality is all about!

So, for the first time since the cookbook came into my possession many years ago, I sat down and went through it page by page. Not only did I enjoy the cookbook itself, I also found some buried treasures: a recipe for gingerbread Grandma had clipped in the mid 1960s, a grocery list that included pineapple and vanilla pudding (I wonder what she was planning to make) and a few random recipe cards. I loved seeing her handwriting again.

If I’ve done my homework correctly, the cookbook is the third edition Betty Crocker printed back in 1961.  The reason I don’t know that off the bat, is because the first four pages of the cookbook are missing. If anyone has a copy  – I’d love to know what I’m missing out on in those first four pages!

So, since the cookbook is 50 years old and I’m filled with a whole bunch of nostalgic mushiness, I’ve decided to blog about this cookbook all week. Don’t miss out on Friday when I share a cookie recipe that will throw you for a loop!

Happy Entertaining!

The Nostalgic Freak

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