My Aunt Robbie has a theory about birthdays… they are the one day out of the year that belongs just to you, so make the most of it.

I like the way she thinks.

And I like her.

And I like the fact that her birthday is the day before mine. She’s just extra special that way.

Her birthday was Friday which means mine was Saturday.

I can’t tell you when I’ve had such a nice day.

It started the day before when Captain Cavedweller sent me these at work:

Then that evening he grilled tenderloin steaks for dinner that nearly melted in your mouth, they were so tender and good.

Saturday morning, CC woke me up with singing a rousing rendition of  “Happy Birthday” then made me cinnamon french toast and bacon. Then he cleaned up the mess in the kitchen while I took a shower and spent half the morning lazily getting ready for the day, which was a beautiful, perfect fall day.

We drove off to a bigger city so I could drool over these:

I couldn’t quite bring myself to test drive one because I wouldn’t want to give it back and that would have put a damper on the day when I was arrested for driving off in the car. Really, it would have.

After taking me to a fun restaurant for lunch where I somehow managed to order bacon on my sandwich, we spent the afternoon at some of my favorite stores before driving to one of our favorite steakhouses for dinner where I ordered prime rib. And amazingly enough the side dish of green beans had bacon. (Sensing a pattern here?) I think it is the only time I can remember eating bacon at every meal. I realize I will have to walk approximately 14.7 more miles this week to compensate for it, but it was worth every salt-laden bite.

We went home after dinner and I got to open my pile of presents, which CC had beautifully wrapped. I have to tell you, he’s come a long way since our first year together when he handed me a brown bag wrapped package finished off with duct tape. A really long way.

He bought me fun things like:

This beautiful velvet trench coat from Gallery. (And yes, I do wish I looked like this model, wouldn’t that have been a great birthday present!)

This memory foam bath mat. When we stayed in the Yurt, she had these on the floor in the bathroom and I loved the rugs. If you haven’t stood on one before, you must. They are positively divine and your feet will sing a hallelujah chorus.

CC also got me several more presents that all made me smile and my heart melt into a warm little puddle.

And my wonderful cousin Brad and his beautiful fiancée Denise sent me these:

Everyone needs more chocolate in their life – especially for their birthday!

It was a fabulous day and I want to say thank you to everyone who helped make my birthday so extra-special this year. I so very much appreciate it!

She Who is Very Blessed

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