Bloom Where You’re Planted

When Captain Cavedweller and I were on vacation last month, we took a little side trip far off the beaten path so I could do a little research about town that was a hopping place to be back in the 1800s.

On the drive there, we passed this bunch of gorgeous peonies, just blooming as happy as they pleased on the side of the road. The colors were vibrant and striking and called out to be photographed.

I have been thinking about those blooms. They obviously fight the weeds, probably only get rainwater for nourishment, and yet they bloom  gloriously, prolifically.

I can’t always say the same for myself. It is sometimes a challenge to bloom where I’ve been planted. It is easier to whine for someone else to pull the weeds than to fight them off myself. And instead of soaking up every dop of precious water that comes my way, I can be more inclined to ignore it completely until I’m dying of thirst.

There is a wonderful lesson to be learned from these flowers and I’m honestly going to try… sink in my roots, soak up the water and sunshine, take care of my own weeds and bloom as brightly as I can.

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