Blue Moon

BmoonI caught this funky sliver of moon during a sunset the other day. I thought it looked so pretty with the vibrant hues of day’s end.

Someone mentioned something about a blue moon yesterday, so I had to check it out.

Tonight, there will be a blue moon filling the sky. They only happen once every few years, so if you are thinking about it, turn your eyes heavenward before you head to bed tonight.

If you’ve ever said “once in a blue moon” about something… today would be the day to get it done!

Blue moon 1Last night, after dark settled in, I took a new toy I got this week (a telephoto lens that had my as excited as a sugar-crazed kid on Christmas morning) outside and snapped a few photos of the moon.

BlueMoon 2How cool is that?

May your “once in a blue moon” Friday be full of wonderful moments and fun surprises!

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