Bobbins and Boots Sneak Peek

BB teaser 2

Just one week until Bobbins and Boots releases!

I’m so excited!

For fun, I thought you might enjoy a little peek into the book with a fun excerpt:


None too soon, they rode down the trail that brought them to the ranch yard. Jack waved to his parents as they sat on their porch together while Lily played in the yard with Rigsly.

“Did you have fun this afternoon?” Jemma asked as Jack jumped off Nick and tied him to the fence.

“Boy, did I!” Jack opened the gate and ran into the yard.

“What on earth happened to Allie?” Jemma asked. She and Thane rose and stared at her sodden, disheveled state as she and Ben approached.

“You should have seen Ben, Mama.” Jack grinned as he raced up the porch steps and grabbed his mother’s hand in his. “He ripped off her clothes and started in thumping on her then he tossed her in the river. She didn’t even know how to swim, but it was sure something to see.”

“I bet it was,” Thane mumbled under his breath. His wife’s elbow connected with his side, making him grunt.

“Benjamin Amick! What possessed you to do such a thing to your wife?” Jemma fisted her hands on her hips and glared at the young cowboy.

Ben glanced at Allie. Her face was nearly as red as the basket of apples sitting on the porch. “My wife wasn’t watching where she stood and ended up with a mess of ants in her pants.” He shot her a devilish smile. “Or I guess I should say bloomers. However, she still hasn’t agreed to let me check to make sure all them lil’ critters are gone.”


Bobbins and Boots (Baker City Brides Book 4) will release March 23!

You can pre-order your copy today for only 99 cents! (The price will increase after release day to $3.99.)

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