Book Club

Some friends have been talking about starting a book club since June.

We finally all got together last Friday night and had the first official meeting of the club which  as yet does not have a name.

I’m pretty excited about the whole idea of meeting once a month to not only discuss a book, but also connect with friends I rarely get to see because life is so hectic, crazy and good. It’s like getting a free pass to lick the frosting on the cake.

After some discussion, we decided on the following:

• To meet once a month

• To take turns hosting

• To always have delicious goodies to eat including something chocolatey (not really, I added that one in myself – but I think it should be a rule!)

• To read a book each month and discuss

• The host gets to choose the book for the following month

• Anyone wanting to enter our elite little group must pass a rigorous test, undergo strenuous training and be able to create decadent desserts (again, just kidding – sort of )

• We would limit the book business portion of the meeting to 30 minutes to allow plenty of time for eating, gabbing and laughing

I’ll keep you posted on how this proceeds. Maybe after next month’s meeting, we’ll even have a name for the club.

In the meantime, we are reading When She Woke by Hillary Jordan as our first book for discussion.

If any of you are part of a book club, I’d love to hear what you like best about your club or what you think makes it fun and unique.

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