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Caterina cover

Being the control freak that I am, I like to design my own book covers.

I think it is so important for your book cover to be unique to your story.

When I decided on what I wanted Caterina’s book cover to look like, I ordered a few props.


The first thing I did was order a pretty apron. Caterina loves to cook, but she also likes to be stylish – so this made sense to me.

sheriff's star

The next thing I purchased was this fun Deputy Sheriff Star that actually looked like it could have come from a hundred years ago.

We took the photo in my craft room where a Hoosier cabinet Captain Cavedweller’s grandmother gave me takes up residence, holding my craft supplies. Between it, and the striped wallpaper, it gave just the right feel for the background, something that might have been seen in Caterina’s kitchen.

Next we set a table, using an old oil lamp, some material that had a vintage feel and a plate of lasagna.

I dressed up a floor lamp (don’t ask) as Caterina, making sure the apron strings could be seen in the photo.

As a finishing touch, Captain Cavedweller contributed a gun in a holster, which he purchased new for the cover because one of the others he already had just didn’t look “authentic” enough to him.

He’s a giver, I tell you, taking care of those pesky little details.

Lately, he’s been asking if I need any new props for book covers, like more guns or hunting gear.

This could get interesting…


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