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What’s a girl to do when her aim is true?

 As a registered nurse at the Boise VA Hospital, Grace Marshall is devoted to her patients, but some wounds require more than medical care. A patient too stubborn and angry to accept the help he needs storms out of her exam room, ruffling her feathers. Yet, when the man returns to apologize, something about him tugs at her heart.

Levi Gibson left for war young and idealistic but returned from Vietnam with physical scars and a haunted soul. He tries to banish the darkness brewing inside him with hard work on his family’s potato farm, but it’s a young nurse’s kindness that brings unexpected light and joy into his life. If Levi can open up to Grace and let her see his pain, could she be the key that unlocks a future full of hope instead of mere survival?

After her father sends Grace a legendary pistol, target practice provides an excuse to spend time with Levi during the summer of 1972. As his shadows overwhelm him, it will take far more than a lucky shot for Grace to hit love’s mark.

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The doctor made a few notes in the chart, handed it back to the nurse, then smiled at Levi. “We’ll see you again in six weeks.”

“Yes, sir.” Levi wanted to argue. To insist the appointments were unnecessary. Regardless, it made him feel marginally better to hear the doctor say he was healing well.

The only problem, though was the fact that he hadn’t counted on meeting a spunky young nurse with soulful eyes. When she smiled, her face transformed from pretty into beautiful, showing off exquisite cheekbones. If life was different—he was different—he sure wouldn’t have hesitated to ask her out.

Now, though, he just wanted to escape her presence.

As though she sensed his thoughts, she reached behind her and lifted his shirt. She held it out for him to slip his arms into the sleeves.

The very idea of having her help him dress infuriated Levi. That simple act smacked of him being an invalid. A victim. Weak. Needy.

And he wouldn’t stand for it.

With a fierce glower, he snatched the shirt from her hands and rammed his arms into the sleeves. The hint of her tropical fragrance teased his senses as reached behind her for his hat, further infuriating him. He stormed out of the office, shirt tails flapping in the breeze created by his fuming stride.

Angry with himself, angry at the world, he got into his pickup and sped back toward Star. He was nearly home before he remembered he needed to go pick up parts for his dad and groceries for his mother.

Checking to make sure no one was coming, he turned around in the road and roared back into town. As he drove, a vision of a lovely brown-haired nurse refused to budge from his head. How dare that woman make him feel like a bumbling fool!

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