winter wedding

Chasing Christmas

He certainly didn’t ask Santa for a bride. . .

Professional bull rider Chase Jarrett has the world on a string. The only blight in his idyllic existence is his nosy cousin’s nonstop nagging about his need for more publicity. Tired of listening to her suggestions, he gives her free rein when she hatches a plan to skyrocket his popularity. All he has to do is show up for a phony wedding in Las Vegas. Then Chase discovers the wedding was real, the surprise bride is beautiful, and his sponsors are demanding he remain married.

Shy and introverted, the last thing Jessie Pierce wants is to find herself in the spotlight. But thanks to a meddling so-called best friend, that’s exactly where she’s at. The promise of an all-expenses paid vacation to Las Vegas lures her on an adventure that ends with her unexpectedly married to a hunky bull rider who would draw her out of her shell if she’d let him.

A business proposal leaves the two of them committed to a year of marriage. How hard could it be to remain wed in name only?

Wrap yourself up in the joy of holidays and falling in love in this sweet, lighthearted romance.

Praise for Chasing Christmas

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“Your home is lovely, Chase.”

“Thanks,” he said, setting down her bags and placing a hand to her back. “Let’s get Tinfoil settled in the mudroom.”

“Tinsel. His name is Tinsel,” she said, walking beside Chase down the hall and into the spacious kitchen.

Gratified when she stopped and stared at his kitchen, he couldn’t miss the look of awe on her face. A breakfast nook held a table for four. During the summer, it was a great place to sit and look past his back yard to a pasture full of cattle.

“This kitchen is amazing,” she said, moving further into the room and admiring the wealth of cupboards, granite counters, and brand new appliances. “I can’t wait to cook in here.” She turned and gave him a questioning glance. “It is okay that I cook, isn’t it?”

“If you can do more than fry an egg or make toast, it’s better than okay,” he said, offering her a teasing wink as he opened a door into a mudroom that featured a washer, dryer, two big freezers, and hooks by the door where several of his coats and hats hung. He motioned to an open space on the floor near the tall upright freezer. “You can set Tincup down right there. I’ll get him a bowl of water. Do you have food for him?”

“Tinsel. His name is Tinsel and I did bring his food. I’ve also got his water bowl out in my rig. I’ll get him all set up.” She set down the cat then placed his carrier on the floor. Tinsel immediately sauntered over to Chase and rubbed against his leg. Chase sneezed twice and his eyes started to water. Jessie grabbed the cat and placed him inside the carrier. “I’m really sorry about your allergy, Chase. If I’d known I would have…”

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