Christmas Keepsake

The Adventures of Ollie and Tip!

A raccoon, a fox, and a keepsake box of treasures make for a memorable holiday adventure!
Tip the fox and a raccoon named Ollie welcome Christmas Eve with an adventure so jolly! They are ready to share gifts galore, so continue the fun by reading more.

Christmas Keepsake: The Adventures of Ollie and Tip is told in flowing rhyme with colorful pictures that delight children and a sweet story that shares the warmth of the holiday season.

Inspired by the animal characters in the Baker City Brides sweet romance series.

Praise for Christmas Keepsake

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At the edge of town

Out near the trees

Where snowflakes dance

On winter’s breeze,

Ollie the racoon,

Cozy in his home,

Looks outside where

His forest friends roam. . .

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