Corsets and Cuffs 17

Corsets And Cuffs

Sheriff Tully Barrett never knew trouble

             had such a pretty face.

Brianna Dumont never knew the law could be so handsome and hardheaded.

Pampered and privileged, Brianna Dumont escapes the life she’s always known in an effort to clear her father’s good name. She arrives in Baker City, Oregon, intent on selling her father’s shares in a mine. Only the mine is a bust, her father’s partner is a crusty ol’ coot who hates women, and the sheriff in town is determined to keep her behind bars.

With good friends around him, a small ranch of his own, and a fulfilling job as sheriff, Tully Barrett loves his life. Then an exasperating woman shows up, making demands and driving him crazy. No matter how hard he tries to ignore her brains and beauty, she works her way under his skin.

Corsets and Cuffs captures the fun-loving banter of two strong-willed characters determined not to fall in love in this sweet historical romance.

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“And don’t call me Fred!” she warned, tossing her hair off her shoulder.

The fire flaming in her eyes and the color in her cheeks had scattered most of Tully’s sense, but the moment she shook that tempting mane of hair, he was a goner.

Before he could think about what he was doing, what repercussions it might bring, he grabbed the finger she shook at him and pulled her toward him. His hands sank into her hair and his mouth lowered to hers.

A few seconds passed as she resisted him. The moment she surrendered to the passion sparking between them and fully engaged in the romantic interlude, he deepened the kiss. His hands trailed down her arms and settled at her waist, prepared to lift her onto his lap.

Suddenly, she came to her senses and jerked her head back.

“Oh! You… you…” Unable to find the words she wanted to say, she slapped the reins across the rump of the horse and charged into town, leaving Tully alone on the road.

He watched her go, wondering what possessed him to do something as dimwitted as kissing prickly Miss Brianna Dumont. Not only would she be even more difficult to handle, he didn’t know how he’d ever get that kiss out of his mind or the sweet, honeyed taste of her off his lips.

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