Dear Miss Baker-EBOOK

Dear Miss Baker

She’s not about to give him a second chance, even when it comes to love

Halston Baker’s career took a nosedive when she crossed paths with Kutter Hayes five years ago. Now, Halston has rebuilt her life and found success as a gingerbread house designer. She is thrilled to have the opportunity to showcase her skills at a Las Vegas resort with a life-size gingerbread village. Little does she know that Kutter, the man who turned her life upside down, is also in town for the finals rodeo. Despite her head shouting at her to stay far away from the troublesome cowboy, her heart has other plans.

Kutter has his own plans and ambitions for his career as a stock contractor and not a single one of them involve fiery, feisty Halston. She blames him for ruining her dreams, and is as prickly as his grandmother’s pin cushion. But as Kutter spends more time with Halston, he realizes there is far more to the fascinating woman than her ability to create amazing gingerbread houses.

As the magic of the holiday season wraps around them, Halston and Kutter must decide whether to follow their hearts and pursue love or step away from what might be their chance at a happily ever after.

Dear Miss Baker is a treat for the senses, combing the flavors of the season with the joys only Christmas and first love can bring in a wholesome holiday romance.

Praise for Dear Miss Baker

“A great finale to this series.”

Goodreads Reviewer

“What a wonderful way to end the Christmas Letter series. “

Goodreads Reviewer

“This enemies to lovers trope is filled with humor, love, and forgiveness. I love the time and character overlaps with the previous books in the series. I loved learning about the origins of gingerbread and the fun recipe at the end.”

Goodreads Reviewer


“Howdy, Miss Baker.” Kutter held out his hand, pasting on what he hoped would pass for a friendly smile. “I don’t suppose you remember me.”

“You,” she breathed, as though she was, indeed, being stalked by one of the ghosts of her past and didn’t appreciate the visit. Not in the least. “You … you’re … Kutter Hayes.”

His smile was genuine as he took a step closer to her, hand still extended. “I’m pleased you recall my name, Miss Baker. I had no idea you were so popular online. That video at the bake-off is something else. Was that a publicity stunt?”

“A stunt?” she asked, recoiling as though he were one of the top ten deadliest reptiles in the world and had just wound into a striking position. “You idiot! There was no stunt. After you knocked me into the mud, I barely had time to wash off that horrible, stinking mess, change my clothes, and get to the stage on time. The experience left me so rattled, I tripped over an extension cord, and you saw the rest of it. The video went viral, destroyed my credibility, and ruined my life. All because of you.”

Kutter dropped his hand and frowned. “Now, hold on a minute, ma’am. All I did was accidentally bump into you, then rescue you out of the mud before Larry could stomp all over you. The rest is not my fault…”

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