Dear Miss Nicholas-EBOOK

Dear Miss Nicholas

She’s striving for success,

not searching for romance

Lyra Nicholas is a renowned expert on all things related to jolly old Saint Nick. When she receives a letter from Tucker Lee, a rancher in a small Oregon town, she hesitates to consider his request to help his sister with a museum exhibit. But something in the note intrigues her, and she soon finds herself in The Dalles, preparing for a grand Santa installation. Then she meets Tucker and finds herself falling love.

Tucker Lee will do anything for his sister even if it means groveling to a snooty Santa expert to set up an exhibit at the museum Remi manages. Expecting an old, dowdy female, Tucker is taken aback when he meets Lyra, a beautiful young woman who makes him realize there may be more to life than running his ranch.

As they work together to make the exhibit a success, sparks dance between them like twinkling tree lights.

The essence of Christmas, the joy of family, delightful humor, and heartfelt emotions take center stage in this wholesome and uplifting holiday romance.

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Praise for Dear Miss Nicholas

“This holiday romance was so fun. Tucker trying to make a first impression on Lyra was hilarious. I can’t wait for the next one.”

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Remi carried over the steaming casserole, and then glanced at a big clock on the wall. “He should be here by now.” She turned to Lyra. “I invited Tucker to join us so you could meet the other half of your pack mule team.”

Clark scowled at Remi, and she laughed.

“Are we getting mules?” Shea asked as she chased her sister around the table.

Clark swung her into his arms, tickled her sides, eliciting happy giggles, then set her in a chair at the table that still had a booster seat on it. Shea looked tiny and delicate, and exactly like her mother, from her brown hair and green eyes to her smile. Amber was a replica of her father, with Clark’s blond hair, blue eyes, and even a little dimple in her chin. They were both lovely girls but didn’t resemble each other.

“No mules,” Clark said, giving his wife a pointed look. “And before you ask, no to a puppy, a pig, or a kangaroo.”

Amber giggled. “We didn’t ask for a kangaroo, Daddy.”

He ruffled her hair. “I know, but I’m sure it will come up before Christmas.”

“Christmas!” Shea clapped her hands together. “I love Christmas! This is going to be the best one ever. Santa is coming to our museum, Miss Nicholas.”

“That will be exciting, won’t it?” Lyra asked as Remi motioned for her to take a seat across from Shea.

“Yep! I’m going to ask him for something special for Uncle Tucker.”

“You are? What are you going to ask him to bring your uncle?” Lyra asked as she draped her napkin across her lap.

“A wife!”


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