Dear Mister Silver-EBOOK

Dear Mister Silver

He can’t create a miracle,  but he can give the gift of love

When heirloom ornament maker Sam Silver receives Erika Esposito’s heartfelt letter, he is deeply moved by her plea for a special ornament for her dying son, Joey. Despite having shut himself off from the world due to his own personal trauma, Sam feels compelled to step out of his shell to help Erika and Joey.

Erika, who has already experienced a profound loss with the unexpected death of her husband, is desperate to bring some joy into Joey’s life as he battles cancer. She reaches out to Sam, unaware that her plea will bring not only hope but also the possibility of finding love again.

Rich in Christmas spirit, Dear Mister Silver offers a tender and heartwarming holiday romance. Sam’s journey as Ornament Guy, crafting heirloom ornaments as a way to rebuild his life, takes on a whole new meaning as he pours his heart into creating a special ornament for Joey. Through his efforts, Sam not only brings joy to a little boy but also discovers the wonder of opening his heart to love.

Filled with warmth and touching moments, this story reminds readers of the magic that shimmers in acts of kindness, and how love and hope can be the greatest gifts of the holiday season.

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Praise for Dear Mister Silver

“A beautiful story of not giving up on love, no matter the circumstances. “

Goodreads Reviewer


“Wow! I read this book in one sitting, I just couldn’t put it down. An emotional story that had my emotions running – the ups and downs sure took me on a journey. Having read the first book of the series I loved the way the two books intersected and how you got to see the same interactions from another point of view. The characters were real, flaws and all, and totally relatable. I wished I could see the ornaments made by Ornament Guy as they sounded so intriguing. A 5 star read that I totally recommend.”

Goodreads Reviewer


“A beautiful story of love that arrives even in the worst of times. Sam and Erica both have their reasons for avoiding a relationship but love is able to overcome it all. I suggest you keep a tissue close by when you read this sweet story.”

Goodreads Reviewer



“She’ll be right out, Mr. Silver,” the nurse said, drawing Sam’s attention from the box in his hands to the hallway.

A beautiful, petite blonde woman walked toward him, a look of surprise in her welcoming expression.

Darn that Kutter.

How could he have possibly sniffed the envelope Erika had mailed and known exactly how she looked, how she would seem?

Astuteness glimmered in her rich brown eyes. A hint of humor clung to her smile. And she did, in fact, exude a certain old-fashioned aura.

It wasn’t that she was dressed dowdily or in an Edwardian costume.

No. That wasn’t it.

Erika Esposito wore a pale-yellow summery dress that seemed to accentuate her hair hanging in golden waves down to her shoulders. Instead of sandals, she had on sensible white sneakers. There was nothing fancy or pretentious about her. But something he couldn’t quite put his finger on made him think she was a woman of strength, one with a strong moral compass, and a tender heart. She was someone his grandmother would have called a lovely person.

So incredibly lovely.

From where he stood, that seemed to be an understatement. The nearer she drew to him, the prettier she looked. When she came to a stop a few feet away from where he stood in front of the nurses’ station, he drew in a breath and recognized her soft floral scent from her letter. A letter he’d tucked into a box and kept on his office desk. How many times in the past month had he taken it out and read it? More than he cared to count.

“Mr. Silver?” she asked, giving him an observant look that started at his head and ended at his polished cowboy boots. He was glad he’d put a little effort into dressing that morning, pulling out a summer-weight western shirt, a pair of new jeans, and boots Kutter had helped him custom order a few years ago that fit him perfectly. After his accident, he feared never being able to wear boots again.

“Sam?” She gave him a baffled look, like she had no idea why he was at the hospital, requesting permission to see her.

He wasn’t all that certain himself, other than he’d felt compelled to deliver the ornament in person.

“Yep. That’s me, I mean … um … uh … I’m Sam,” he said, feeling like a stuttering moron.

“I’m Erika Esposito.” She reached out a hand to him, and Sam shifted the box so he could shake it. When their palms connected, Sam felt like someone had poured warm syrup into his veins, and everything around him began to fuzz into the background while his gaze focused entirely on the enchanting woman holding onto his hand.

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