Dreams of Love

Dreams of Love

Will dreams of love lead to an unexpected future?

Weathered from too many years of apprehending outlaws, Marshal Dillon Durant is resigned to a life of solitude. The small community of Holiday, Oregon, offers the opportunity for him to build lasting friendships while discovering a sense of belonging. Then he encounters an exasperatingly beautiful woman attempting to break into the local school, leaving him to contemplate the possibility of a new chapter in his life.

Desperate to escape the arranged marriage her father is attempting to foist upon her, Zara Wynn accepts a job as a schoolteacher in Holiday. Intent on a fresh start, she doesn’t want anyone to discover she’s a runaway bride. But concealing her past proves difficult, especially when the astute and handsome Marshal Durant captures her heart.

When her father and fiancé find her, will Zara be forced to abandon her dreams of love? Or will Dillon make them come true?


Praise for Dreams of Love

“Such a sweet tale about Sheriff Durant and the lovely Zara with a touch of danger and a happy ending. “

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“A sweet old fashion romance. “

Amazon Review

“A great start to this new series… Warm and inviting and thoroughly enjoyable.” 

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“Mind telling me what you think you’re doing?”

The deep, masculine voice directly behind her made a shiver slide down Zara Wynn’s spine despite the unrelenting heat pressing in all around her. Her cotton dress stuck to her back and the delicate lace edging clung to her throat until she felt as though she might suffocate.

Ignoring the voice and the man, she continued jamming two hairpins into the lock on the door of the teacher’s quarters located at the rear of the schoolhouse.

Zara had been hired as the new schoolteacher. The school board wasn’t expecting her, though, for another two weeks. There’d been no help for her hasty departure from home or unannounced arrival. She’d hoped once she arrived in Holiday, a growing mountain town in Eastern Oregon, it would be a simple matter to find the school and someone to open the door.

However, nothing was going according to plan. An hour ago, she’d only taken four steps away from the train depot when a miner missing most of his teeth with an apparent aversion to bathing had grinned and offered to marry her. Appalled, Zara had cast a frosty glare his direction and hastened her step, although she’d had no idea where she was heading.

Based on articles she’d read about western towns, she assumed she’d find the schoolhouse on one end of Holiday or the other. She’d maintained a quick pace away from the depot until she came to the main thoroughfare. Slowly, she wandered past a saddle shop, a hotel, and a general store. When she reached a corner, she stopped to admire the cross on top of the church that appeared to reach high into the brilliant blue of the afternoon sky.

It was then she noticed the school on the street behind the church. With hurried steps, she rushed past the church, turned at the corner, and made her way up another block to the school. She’d felt along the eaves for a hidden key and looked beneath a few rocks by the door to the teacher’s quarters. Unable to locate one, she’d pulled out two hairpins, hoping to pick the lock.

She’d never attempted to do such a thing, but how hard could it be?

With her tongue planted in her cheek, she continued working the hairpins in the keyhole.

A throat cleared, reminding her she wasn’t alone. Heat from the man radiated over her as he moved nearer, increasing her state of discomfort. Prepared to give the stranger a dismissive, cool glare, Zara glanced at him over her shoulder and found herself unable to look away.

A cowboy—based on his attire in denims, dusty boots, and a black hat—stared at her like she was a misbehaving child. He has ruggedly handsome, at least what she could see with the hat he wore tugged down low shading part of his face . Dark scruff covered his cheeks and chin, making her think he’d not taken time to shave that morning, or perhaps several mornings. His nose leaned a little to the left, like it had been broken in the past. He was broad-shouldered and muscular, with an unyielding look in the way he carried himself.

“I’ll only ask one more time. What are you doing?” He took another step closer. “If you don’t want to find yourself in one of my jail cells, you’d best answer.”

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