Dreams with Faith

Dreams With Faith

Can faith conquer their fears?

John Ryan is committed to his role as pastor in the quaint town of Holiday, Oregon. He values each member of his congregation, and aims to lead by example. However, his resolve is tested when a free-spirited woman arrives in town. John struggles with his growing attraction to her, determined to keep it from distracting him from his calling.

Following a devastating tragedy that leaves her isolated and shattered, Keeva Holt is eager for a new beginning. In need of consolation and clarity, she decides to seek refuge with her brother in Holiday. As she navigates through her grief and attempts to find direction for her future, Keeva’s vibrant spirit and exuberance challenge those around her, including the reserved Pastor Ryan. While logic tells her that John is beyond her reach, her heart urges her to pursue her dreams and embrace the possibilities of tomorrow.

Will John and Keeva learn to lean into their faith and let go of their fears?


Praise for Dreams With Faith

“The theme of being loved for exactly who you are was strong through the book and struck a chord with me.”

Bookbub Reviewer

“Loved it! Preacher John is so funny—he has made up his mind what an ideal Pastor’s wife should be. But then Keeva comes back to Holiday to live with her brother. She is too young, too outspoken, too everything! But the attraction is so strong . . . maybe he needs to pray about it!” 

Bookbub Reviewer

“A truly delightful story by an author that does an excellent job of fleshing out her characters and their surroundings that draws you into this story from the very first page.”

Bookbub Reviewer


“Is there a particular reason you’re trying to stir up a heap of trouble, little sister?”

Keeva Holt glanced over her shoulder at her brother. She might have stuck her tongue out at Davin, but his firm grip on the back of her coat was the only thing keeping her from toppling out of the sleigh her father drove down the curving road to the church. She leaned a little farther out, draped her purple scarf over the corner post of Mr. Lubbock’s fence, then plopped back into her seat.

As she adjusted her skirts, she cast another look at Davin. “I’m not stirring up trouble, just offering an incentive.”

“An incentive!” Davin nearly shouted, drawing the gazes of both their parents. “It’s not an incentive, Keeva. You might as well race up to a bee’s nest and give it a good kick while you’re at it.”

“I might if it wasn’t snowing!” Keeva tamped down the urge to kick Davin. Just because he was older, he seemed to think that entitled him to boss her around. She’d be eighteen at the end of March, and then she’d be all grown up, beyond anyone telling her what to do.

“What’s going on back there?” their mother asked. Eira Holt was a force to be reckoned with on a good day, and Keeva had no desire to stir her mother’s wrath.

“Nothing, Mam. Davin’s just excited about getting to church this morning.” Keeva offered her mother a sweet smile.

Eira narrowed her gaze and pinned Keeva a suspicious glare, then noticed the scarf fluttering on the fence post behind them. “Why is your scarf on Mr. Lubbock’s fence? What tomfoolery is afoot?”

“Well, Mam, I simply—”

Before she could offer an explanation, Davin cut in. “She told Oliver and Matthew the one to claim her scarf on the way to church could sit by her today.”

“She what?” Eira asked in a loud voice that drew the gazes of fellow travelers heading for the church. Lowering her voice, she glowered at Keeva, disapproval practically radiating from her entire being. “Explain, daughter.”

Keeva scrambled for a way to convey the details of the challenge she’d issued to Oliver James and Matthew Baumann yesterday at Mariah Bainbridge’s skating party. Both boys had made it clear they wanted to court her, and she hadn’t yet decided which one she liked better. In the meantime, it had been grand fun to see them battle each other for her affection.

“Yesterday, at Mariah’s party, this saucy imp challenged Ollie and Matthew to see who would earn the right to sit beside her during this morning’s church service, as if she was a queen bestowing some grand honor.” Davin blurted before Keeva could clap a hand over his mouth to silence him. He tossed a teasing grin her way. “For reasons no one will ever know, both of them seem to be quite daffy over Keeva. I keep telling Ollie he could do much better, like Mariah, for instance, but he seems quite taken with this one.”

When Davin reached out to tug on a tendril of hair she’d positioned just so by her ear, she slapped his hand, earning an icy scowl from her mother.

“Maureen Keeva Holt! How could you do such a thing?” her mother asked with a dark scowl. “You know Oliver and Matthew get along like two wild cats with their tails knotted together. You might as well have poured kerosene on a blazing fire.”

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